You Can Make Your Own Awesome Shark Costume too! (+ vote for our photo)

My first diy project to share!

Reason for Shark Costume: I am having a traditional chinese wedding banquet dinner which consists of about 10 courses and one of those traditional dishes is Shark Fin soup.  After meeting a local organization in Vancouver called Shark Truth and learning about the devastating impact of shark finning we decided to pledge to not serve shark fin soup at our wedding to help protect sharks. Shark fin soup is pushing this important group of species to extinction. Each ten bowls of shark fin can kill an entire shark. The shark finning industry is also very cruel and wasteful. Sharks are often caught and finned alive, then their bodies are dumped back into the ocean, leaving them to drown to death.

2011 Shark Truth Wedding Couple Photo Contest
They are currently holding a contest for wedding couples that do this pledge where couples submit a photo and the photo with the most votes by June 6 win a trip to Hawaii to cage dive with sharksSo my fiance and I decided to make a shark costume! (instructions at the end).   If you like my costume and photo please help us out and vote for our entry:

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Our photo:. We Heart Sharks. Vancouver hearts Sharks. Andrew Hearts Shark and Jenny

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Shark Costume Instructions
I love my costume so I decided to share it with others by making instructions. You can make your own shark costume too by using my instructions as a guide.